Our programmes are designed with a building block system starting with the fundamentals, and developing towards more structured skills and games. We know that children learn better if they have fun and we teach children in a pressure-free, fun environment, with an emphasis on learning through play.

As each child has different learning stages, we divided our classes into three different teams, each one tailored for the relative age group. Our philosophy and values apply to all learning groups:

Mini shots (4-6 years old)
Lots of fun games focusing on fair play, teamwork and sharing; encouraged to perform basic movement skills; introduction to football.

Junior shots (7-9 years old)
Introduction to ball skills, technical work (passing, shooting, dribbling), rules of the game, focus on teamwork and increase confidence.

Super shots (10-12 years old)
Advanced technical work, lots of matches, light competition and how to play fair, focus-based activities.

Check our programmes for a drill down of our age-tailored classes. Or  book a free trial.

We run weekend classes, as well as holiday camps throughout the year. Usually, classes will be held outdoors, whatever the weather. However, during the winter months (January to March), classes will be held indoors.

Check us out and have a chat with us after the session, or pop along with your champion before the starting time, if they want to have a go on the day. We will be happy to show you how we have fun!

Bring a drink (preferably water, no sugary drinks, please) for your champions and some fruit for the end of the session. We promote healthy eating (together with active lifestyle).

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