Weekend football time, have fun on us!

Fun, safe and energy filled football activities for kids from 4 to 12.

So, you have a boy, or a girl, that loves to kick the ball around. Your garden and your flowery pots are the living (and maybe a bit battered) witnesses of that uncontainable energy, screaming “GOAAAAL!” around your green patch and running inside the house with muddy shoes. Does it sound familiar?

Maybe, it is time for your garden to have a rest and, for your little champion to channel that energy into a great football course. A programme that will teach him, not only the drills and skills he is craving for, but much more. In fact, while playing, your child will learn to increase his/her self-esteem and to build his/her confidence. Become more independent, socialise with new kids, forming hopefully, new friendships and mates. She will learn values like team play, how to work together with her fellow mates for a common goal, and fair play while having tons of fun.

We are proud of our programme, developed by Craig Manderson, former Watford FC player and Hotshots LDN founder. His goal was to create a football company whose values lies in inclusion, pressure-free fun while introducing skills for a better head start in life. The programme has been tailored for the different age group needs and their different learning objectives. 

Football Programmes Explained.

Our football programme is divided in three groups: Mini shots (from 4-to 6 years old), Junior Shots (from 7 to 9 years old) and Super Shots (children from 10 to 12 years old).

Mini shots

  • Lots of fun games focusing on sharing, increasing independence and communication.

  • Your child is encouraged to perform basic movement skills.

  • Introduction to football and increasingly using the body and foot to manipulate and control the ball.

Junior shots

This is where things get quite exciting! The energy levels are soaring, their bodies are getting stronger and they are ready to inject more focus on technical football skills.

  • Your child will focus on introduction to ball skills and creativity.

  • Emphasis on technical work, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, both for leading and weaker foot.

  • Learning the rules of the game.

  • On the skill level, the focus will be on teamwork and better listening skills and resilience to achieve results.

Super shots

True to our value to teach football in a pressure-free environment, we understand that children at this age, and below, are quite competitive, regardless of the game played. 

  • That’s why we focus on skills such how to manage competition, team organisation and leadership.

  • How to adapt to changing environments and to attain a positive outcome.

  • This group will be focusing on advanced technical work to perfect ball possession.

  • Increase confidence to play in numerous positions.

  • They will play lots of matches to understand and master the different phases and positional play.

Our ultimate aim is to have the participants leave our sessions with a smile on their faces!

Take your child to one of our free trial sessions, it’s on us!

Book your free trial session; come to see what we do, before enrolling your champion on one of our courses. Booking is essential to make sure the ratio students/coach is followed. 


We also run great holiday camps every school holiday, read more about our holiday programme here.

We are sure that your child will love it, growing into a confident and respectful little big person, when joining hotshots LDN football . But don’t just take our word for it.

“It’s great having my son coached by a professionals, who really makes the sessions fun and encourage fair play and teamwork.”

                                      — Alan, dad, Harrow