At hotshots LDN we offer two types of private coaching:

. Private group coaching

. Private individual coaching

Private sessions are available throughout the year and we will work with the host to deliver the sessions at a convenient time and at a location that best suites you!

Why would my child need a private session?

Private Individual coaching

Our 1-on-1 sessions are great for a variety of reasons and can be designed to suite players at a range of different levels. Whether Your child is showing promise and wants to get into a more personalised professional training programme, in preparation for possible trials and matches, or if your child really enjoys football and would like some more sessions that we can work around their daily life to help build confidence and all-round fitness levels. We at Hotshots LDN can design a series of unique sessions to best suite their needs. 

We run are sessions in two forms:

Basic coaching

For Children that just want to play football because they enjoy it and want to learn more.

What are sessions consist of:

  • Sessions working on the football fundamentals (Passing,shooting,dribbling)
  • Basic skills e.g. (Kick ups, step overs)
  • Dribbling with the ball 
  • Controlling the ball 
  • Introduction to when and where to apply different techniques during match play

Pro coaching

For individuals that are showing promise and want to take football a bit more seriously.

What are sessions consist of:

  • Advanced fundamentals work e.g. Passing using different parts of the foot from different angles and distances
  • Shooting under pressure and during different game related situations
  • controlling the ball under-pressure
  • Phases of play
  • Advanced skills workshop

Private group sessions

Our private group sessions are designed to get the most out of working with a small team of between 2-20. Whether you have a few family members who are of the same skill level, your child has a few friends who would enjoy the opportunity to play with each other at a time that best suits you or if you run a small team who could do with some extra coaching, we have it covered.

Fun Groups

If you wish for your child to purely have fun with his/her friends at a time that is convenient for you, then this is the perfect option.

What sessions consist of:

  • Fun sessions that incorporate teamwork
  • A chance to learn new tricks and skills
  • Learning with friends in a safe environment
  • Light competition

Structured groups

If you are preparing a team for a tournament or have a group of advanced players that need some extra guidance, then this is the right option.

What sessions consist of:

  • Phases of play
  • working as an effective team
  • Communicating effectively
  • attacking and defending

If you are interested to find out more about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: 0208 935 5971