Volvic water sponsorship

Danone/Volvic has agreed to sponsor Hotshots LDN with water for all of our participants. 

This is an amazing opportunity for us and will further aid us in not only providing excellent football sessions, but also gives us the chance to further show the children why staying hydrated is so important during physical activity, especially a sport as demanding as football is. We can now also ensure that every child has enough water to perform and concentrate to the best of their ability during our sessions. The days of forgetting to pack a water bottle for your little ones are finally over!

On Friday 17th February we received the first delivery. We received 1000 water bottles, all child friendly, half of the bottles had sports cap on them to minimise spills and the other half had Star wars and Frozen characters on them which should make drinking water a bit more fun for our mini shots (4-6 year olds).

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Danone and Volvic for believing in our vision of enhancing a happy and healthy lifestyle in children through football.

Click on the picture below.