Why is football a good introductory sport for children ?

There are certainly many advantages of football for children and one of the best advantages is to increase their fitness and to show them how important regular exercise is from a young age.  Football is also an aerobic sport and getting kids involved in playing will surely enable them to maintain their health better as they grow up. Playing Football regularly shall also create muscle strength, especially in the legs. This results in higher energy levels which will enable them to maintain focus better on tasks over time, as their stamina and all-round fitness levels improve.

Apart from the physical benefits of football to children, there are various life-skill benefits as well, that the majority of parents may not understand at the beginning.  Football is a team sport and being that, it is a perfect way to help a child develop social skills and make new friends as they get to interact with new people of a similar age, with one common interest at least.  In this sport, players are supposed to work and collaborate as a team and for that communication skills are very much important.  This develops great communication skills amongst the kids and teaches them how to get their point across and take on board instructions to implement immediately, as well as helping them to be a part of a team, where all players are expected to contribute and adjust to enable the team to work most effectively.

Another benefit of football for kids is that it is an amazing way of promoting self-image and confidence.  One of the main factors that distinguishes this sport from other sports is that it is completely based on team work and recognition of other team members as one unit.  This enhances the children’s self-esteem and leadership skills.

One more benefit of football for kids is the competitive aspect. The sport introduces them to competition and teaches them how to win gracefully as well as the importance of de-briefing and communicating amongst team mates what went wrong if they were to lose,  giving them an understanding of how to approach that situation differently next time.  It gives them a motivation to strive for. Learning about competition and how to deal with its ups and downs is necessary for every child, as they will be in many competitive environments throughout their lifetimes, whether it be at School or work. With all of the skills the kids learn, they take them forward in their life’s and they will be a winner for sure in future as they know how to support others as well as gaining the knowledge of how important team work is when it comes to achieving a target. These kids will later in life know that one cannot be selfish and think about himself or herself only.