Experts in creating fun through football for children aged 4-12 years old!

Fun 4-12 year old, kids football classes every week at St Helens sports centre, aiming to improve life skills as well as football ability.

At our Northwood sessions you can expect many new Hotshots football games from our enthusiastic coaches. We will work on basic football skills as well as implementing life skills into our sessions such as, communication, creativity and collaboration. Here are some things that make us different:

  • Report- You will receive a written report on your Child's progress every 4 months.

  • Skill weeks- Each week at Hotshots is dedicated to a different skill (Passing, dribbling, shooting) this way we can better assess each child’s progress and tailor our classes so that players are getting the maximum benefit.

  • Hotshots league- Children between the ages of 7-12 will benefit from being involved in the Hotshots league where they will have the opportunity to play matches against our other locations in West London.

  • Danone sponsorship- Our Volvic water sponsorship will ensure that each hot shot stays adequately hydrated throughout our class.

  • Kit- We feel that by wearing a special kit to our sessions it will make your child feel as part of a team and encourage all the participants to socialise even more.

  • Coaches- At Hotshots LDN all of our coaches are young, highly qualified and passionate about delivering the best possible football sessions,we feel as though this makes our coaches more relatable to the participants and able to deliver more enjoyable sessions.

Our programmes are designed with a building block system starting with the fundamentals, and developing towards more structured skills and games. We know that children learn better if they have fun and we teach children in a pressure-free, fun environment, with an emphasis on learning through play.

As each child has different learning stages, we divided our classes into three different teams, each one tailored for the relative age group. Our philosophy and values apply to all learning groups:

Mini shots (4-6 years old)
Lots of fun games focusing on fair play, teamwork and sharing; encouraged to perform basic movement skills; introduction to football.

Junior shots (7-9 years old)
Introduction to ball skills, technical work (passing, shooting, dribbling), rules of the game, focus on teamwork and increase confidence.

Super shots (10-12 years old)
Advanced technical work, lots of matches, light competition and how to play fair, focus-based activities.

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